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Thanks for sharing the history of telecom in India. I lived through much of what you describe here. It is such a trip down the memory lane. It is the scholars like you that gives me hope for a more advanced India. Thank you for what you do. I thoroughly enjoyed your work on 1991 project and your podcast. And ones with AV as well.

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What a fine piece Shruti, You took me down the memory lane of life in India in 70s, 80s & 90s. The Bollywood references made those connections really enjoyable.

As a young HVAC engineer, I did lot of work for DoT in early 90s when E10B exchanges were installed. The Godrej cupboard like racks were technical marvel. They could provide 10,000 lines at go with additional expansion in multiple of 1000s when the capacity needed enhancement. And all that in 25ft x 25ft rooms with normal 10ft height. Those E10Bs really changed India's fixed telephone line scene and then the free incoming + Reliance Rs. 500 cellphone changed the cellular landscape. Sandwiched between these two was a short Pager era which met its quick death & no-one even mourned.

Thanks for writing this piece. Waiting for the blockbuster third to complete the hat-trick. :)

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