I really love ur substacks, u r the best indian substacker

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Very interesting, and I haven’t even listened to the podcast yet.

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Brilliant analysis and research again and well articulated. Could not understand though how the revenue sabha will incentivise states to share revenue and also help in providing young workforce to states with older less productive population?

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Did southern states really control their population?

it seems like they only decided to raise the issue when in their third stage of demo transition even before the other states properly started the transition.

no one seems to question the idea of whether the southern population stabilisation was due to their effort or just the demo transition theory following its natural course.

no analysis goes into a wider history of comparative population trends between north and south. they just with 1970s.

when you consider states like kerala its population density can compete with up and bihar.

the only reason karnataka and tamil nadu doesnt have such large density is because of adverse physical geography.

this means south barely did anything to stabilise their population vis a vis the northern states.

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